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I became familiar with the internet in 1997, and since entering university, I have remained an internet enthusiast. This passion for the world of technology led me to delve deeper into learning about this field. From that point on, I’ve been addicted to the internet and its vast possibilities. This interest eventually guided me towards becoming a digital marketing consultant. I’ve made it a habit to seek answers to every question that crosses my mind by utilizing the internet’s resources, consistently expanding my knowledge in the process.

Studying management wasn’t in line with this passion, and in 2006, I entered the field of management as an executive manager at “Arya Pardazan Jam Jam” company. It was during the Elecomp exhibition that I took a serious step into this domain, along with the establishment of the “Eyalat” website, an Iranian virtual community.

At the end of 2009, I joined the team of Saba E-commerce Development Institute (Saba Idea). This institute was the proprietor of websites such as Cloob, MihanBlog, Aparat, and later Filimo. I had the privilege to become a part of their team and proudly spent two years as an apprentice. Within the technical team of the company, under the guidance of my colleagues and mentors, I engaged as a designer and programmer.
In 2012, in collaboration with a group of professors and friends, we launched a team called “IdehTech.” This team was dedicated to web application design and development. From website design to mobile applications, organizational software, online examinations, and Telegram bots, the IdeaTech team has a broad range of accomplishments that have been recorded on their professional resume up to the present moment. In 2013, my focus shifted towards sales engineering and sales team management. Leveraging my technical knowledge in programming and software development, as well as my understanding of management principles, I concentrated on these areas of expertise.

Furthermore, driven by a personal passion for teaching, I have also engaged in teaching in the fields of web design and programming, as well as digital marketing and social media marketing. Notably, I have conducted comprehensive courses in digital marketing management (digital marketing) at the Tehran Technical Complex branch in Vanak, and I have organized workshops on Instagram marketing at the Tehran Technical Complex.

A number of work records in the field of digital marketing : 

  • Aquacaspi- Digitalmarketing manager – Seo – Branding
  • Lisamori Crystal – Social Media Manager
  • Startup of IRANHFC Fast Food – Digital Marketing Consultant
  • NeginTajaratPayam – Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Batam Construction Clinic – Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Aria Kara Sanat Diesel Generator – SEO Consultant
  • Green Vera Aloevera – Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Emsig – seo  digitalmarketing manager
  • Pars Energy – Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Vira Commercial Weights(Vazneh) – Digital Marketing Consultant and Manager
  • Tousn Darou Pharmaceutical Company – Digital Marketing and Content Production Consultant
  • Parsian Insurance Exclusive Agency – Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Gold Ball Gasht Company – Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Libra Shower Panel – Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Dana Registration Legal Institute – Digital Marketing Consultant
  • TebmedTourism(CTO)
  • Flytotreat  – Digitalmarketing Manager
  • Alborz industrial chillers – digitalmarketing consultant
  • LapMal – Specialized Laptop and Computer Parts Store – Digital Marketing Manager
  • Rokhsara Facial and Skin Care – Branding Consultant

“My perspective on creativity, innovation, and fresh, original ideas is steadfast. I have emphasized to all friends and business owners that they should steer clear of imitation.”

“To witness my capabilities and understand how I can contribute to your business, I recommend visiting my page.” my service & “Consultation Page for Both In-Person and Virtual Digital Marketing Consulting” “Please take a moment to read, and if you’re still unsure or have any lingering questions about why you should have a digital marketing consultant, I suggest reading the article.” “Why Do We Need a Digital Marketing Consultant?” “Please read for more information.”

Foad Mashayekhi

"Digital Marketing Instructor and Consultant"
"Since the beginning of my professional career, both I and my team have placed a strong emphasis on creativity and ideation. All projects and tasks we have undertaken have been characterized by originality and innovation, steering clear from imitation." "Since the year 1392 (2013/2014), I have been providing consultancy in the field of digital marketing to a number of clients. Throughout my journey, I have directed my efforts towards ideation and creativity for business owners, whether in the online realm or the physical world. Additionally, I have focused on systematically optimizing websites."

“During this time, I have provided consultancy to various businesses, guiding them towards success. The inception of this endeavor began with the company’s initiation, and since then, I’ve offered guidance to diverse businesses to help them achieve their goals.” “Providing Services and Setting up Aquacaspi It has been The first rank of Google search It is in plant and plant aquariums, as well as activities in the field of social media and brand development Nouri TazehCompany & IRANHFC Company which operates in the field of setting up fast food and coffee shops. Also on the website Tiptoop worked as an executive director and marketing consultant, and in the Blue Vision team, I worked as a virtual department manager and digital marketing consultant, and as a digital marketing consultant Negin Tejarat Payam Co., Construction clinic Behtam & Aryakarasanat diesel generator production and sales company & Aloe vera delsepid and green vera production factory and Emsig Co Pars Energy Company is active in the field of renewable energy Bodoberim and many other businesses that I provide advice on entering and succeeding in cyber space.

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فواد مشایخی مدرس و مشاور توسعه کسب و کار | foad mashayekhi
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