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On this website, I speak to you about digital marketing in simple language.

One of the prynciple of digital marketing is creativity!

One of the key principles of digital marketing is possessing creativity, as it enhances your impact on the audience’s mind. Just as a spelling mistake in the title of this article might have caught your attention. Effective and creative advertising is one of the services that my team provides for you.

Digital marketing without creativity and innovation is pointless work, and an effort without value, accompanied by imitation! If you’re not utilizing a creative and innovative team in digital marketing, stop your activities in this field right now.

مشایخی مشاور دیجیتال مارکتینگ

Digital Marketing Services

Business Consultation

Conducting online advisory sessions or partnering with your business in a consultative and long-term manner.

Business Analysis

Examining competitors, assessing the weaknesses of your business, and providing a written report along with recommendations and a roadmap.

Employee Training

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Course Training for company members who wish to engage in this field.

Activities Aligned with Your Budget

My main activity is crafting the best digital marketing plan for you, considering the budget you have allocated.

Software and Website Design and Development

Designing and programming websites and applications using the latest cutting-edge methods worldwide.

Creating a Business from Scratch to Finish in the Online Space

From choosing a name and designing a logo to branding, online presence, and digital roadmap design.

My Writings


Digital Marketing Team's Activities During Crisis

In critical situations such as sudden filtering or internet shutdown, what actions should the digital marketing team take? This topic has been examined in this article.

Digital Marketing Job Interview Questions

In this content, I have summarized the questions asked during interviews with digital marketing experts worldwide.  I highly recommend reading this article. 


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